Happy New Year

Happy end of 2006 to everyone… here’s to an exciting and prosperous 2007! I anticipate some changes coming in this space in the first or second quarter of ’07… I’m not fully sure what these changes will be, so don’t acccuse me of being intentionally mysterious just yet!

I just finished reading the podcasting legal guide, Rules for the Revolution by Colette Vogele (download it here). While no guide can ever promise to be comprehensive, I think this is about as good as it gets in terms of covering the legal issues involving podcasting. For those of you, like me, who are relatively new to the universe of intellectual property law, this is a pretty valuable resource. Rather than suggest a blanket “all rights reserved” copyright tag for all of my client’s shows, it might suit some to look at the Creative Commons alternatives, depending on the nature of the podcast and whether there are commercial qualities to the production.

A new bit of blog functionality to mention… you may have noticed this blog is a bit schizophrenic, jumping from election and political law issues to podcasting with little to no warning. For those of you that care only about one particular issue, all posts are now labeled so you can segregate out the offendingly boring issues with one little click over on the right.

Resolution time… I promise to post more. On what, I have no idea… I just promise to post more.

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