Podcasting moving music sales

Today’s Washington Post features the grassroots Bum Rush the Charts movement in the podcasting community that just might carry some independent artists into the mainstream, thanks to the marketing muscle of podcasters.

We all know that podcasting can light a fire one listener at a time… but can it move enough people to buy a single track in the iTunes Music Store to unseat the likes of Beyonce, Avril Levine and other artists sitting at the top of the sales pack? For the sake of innovation, and for the sake of proving podcasting marketing muscle, I’m all for it.

I’ve never heard the track they chose, but it’s Mine Again by Black Lab. I’ll certainly be plunking my 99 cents down to bum rush the charts… by the way, the a lot of the funds earned on this track will be going towards a scholarship fund… check out Bum Rush the Charts for more info.

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