podshow responds

Adam Curry responded to the missive launched by Keith and the Girl… check it out here.

One thing that amused me is the continuing name calling and dissing that is going on here… Keith and the Girl see Podshow as the big brother with evil plans to steal podcasters’ intellectual property (um, a little overblown) and Adam Curry’s tsk-tsking that speaking negatively about Podshow will somehow ruin podcasting (um, a bit arrogant)… it’s all amusing to me. Truth be told, a little controversy seems to rally up some numbers , so maybe it’s not all bad.

WARNING… sports analogy dead ahead… the NBA was at its zenith when the Lakers and the Celtics were going at each other… the NHL enjoyed some better ratings when the Red Wings and the Avalanche had some epic battles… baseball currently has the Yankees and the Red Sox. A rivalry might not be so bad for the industry. I’ll note that my hit totals have shot up since I blogged about this!

UPDATE… I just listened to the latest KATG and I have to say some of their criticisms do have some traction. It’s hard to evaluate Podshow’s latest download claims, but their “download requests” numbers are probably the least effective way (I think) to measure success. How many times does your podcatcher request any given feed per day? Per hour? Others disagree. Unfortunately, we also have no idea if the Podshow numbers include downloads of non-Podshow feeds. That being said, I really think that Keith and Chemda are stuck in a pseudo-radio advertising paradigm… perhaps because that’s the only metric that advertisers are interested in using for podcasts right now.

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