iPhone taste

For the junkies out there… Apple just sent out another “taste” for you. Notice how I say “you” when I really should say “us.”

Anyone who signed up with Apple for information on when the iPhone will be released received this teaser…

Talk to you soon.

Thanks for signing up. You’ll be the first to hear the latest about iPhone— coming this June. That gives you just enough time to think of ways to break the news to your current phone.

Absolutely no new information, but I suspect it will get some attention. I’m constantly amazed at how well Apple is able to manage their hype machine. Never before has so much been said when so little is known.

I’m going back and forth on getting the iPhone in June. I hear through the grapevine that there will be some advancements made in short order following the release – not the least of which is enabling 3G web access via Cingular, rather than the slower version enabled on the iPhones shipping in June. Seems to me that deserves waiting… unless these phones are shipping with 3G capabilities and just need a simple update to activate the advanced features… hence my dilemma.

My Treo’s looking at me funny… I better go console it.

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