Wireless podcasts. Almost.

You may remember a few months ago in my drooling for the iPhone, there was a brief glimmer of hope that iPhone users would be able to download podcasts wirelessly. As we later found out, that was not to be. It seems to be something that would be a natural fit for a wi-fi enabled music player to be able to reach out and download new episodes with a built in podcatcher.

Today, SanDisk announced the launch of the Sansa Connect, a product that’s juuuuuust about there, but seems to fall flat right at the finish line. Seems that the Sansa hooks up with Yahoo! Music Unlimited To Go (hereafter to be forever referred to with an acronym as bad as the name… Y!MUTG), allowing a user to fill their Sansa with all of the tracks they want from the subscription service. Sadly, it seems that Y!MUTG is not cross linked with Yahoo! Podcasts… meaning those of us who dream of having instant access to podcasts as we roam aimlessly away from our computers will still have to wait for some Einstein or Curie (not to be confused with Curry) to deliver…

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