Sirius and Podshow divorce

So satellite radio will no longer broadcast a select number of podcasts. This news broke a few days ago, but I honestly don’t think it demonstrates much other than Sirius and Podshow decided that the experiment was over. Does this mean podcasting is waning? I doubt it… I have to question the original premise… content that has a major feature of being freely available 24/7 on the Internet via an RSS feed, and playable on demand was also being featured in particular time slots via a subscription service that required additional equipment. Hmmm. Wonder why that didn’t take off? Siriusly (heh)… I have to believe most listeners were shifting towards the on-demand content rather than waiting with bated breath for the next episode of Dawn and Drew to come through the satellites. Why wait? If you had a satellite radio, I’m guessing you had access to a podcatcher and a computer.

Let’s also face it… the shows that were featured on Sirius may have been too niche for a broader audience, as some have suggested. Bottom line… the satellite market probably is not the next logical place for podcasting growth. If podcasters are looking for over the air distribution, the best bet may be the continuing conversion of mobile phones with MP3 players.

Ahhhh, yeah… I believe that’s a semi-unintentional iPhone reference. I keep thinking that faster data transfer, plus vast networks, plus great players means effortless wireless delivery. There are (bad) methods where this works now, but I think the days of needing a computer to sync a podcast to a player may seem quaint in the not so distant future. And the (failed?) Sirius-Podshow experiment will be a distant memory then as well.

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