iPhone: podcastable?

MacWorld reports that the iPhone will support developers to create applications for the device:

This capability is being exposed through the full version of Safari that will run on the iPhone, said Jobs, using “Web 2.0”-style technologies like AJAX that will enable developers to create content that “looks and behaves exactly like apps,” integrated with the iPhone and iPhone services.

Ok, so this could be exciting. If you’ve read my ramblings before, I’ve been hoping that there would be some way for the iPhone to wirelessly nab podcasts on the fly. It seemed that the version of iTunes on the iPhone would not do this, but perhaps a developer would be able to tap into the Safari development capability and hack up a podcatcher? THAT would make the iPhone super cool for podcast consumers… no more need to sync up with the computer for the latest episode of [enter fave nineball media production podcast here]. Slow? definitely if you’re just on the mobile signal… fast as heck if you’re in a WiFi hotspot. Get on it developers!

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