iPhone saga part 67: Service plan announced

This was a real sticking point for me… how much will this little slice of heaven cost me per month? Answer… less than Sprint charges me for my Treo! I expected to take a little hit, but it turns out the newly announced service plans from AT&T are better than I expected… starting at $59.99 per month, inlcuding internet and data use. It’s official… I’m getting one.

BUT… I hasten to add, I am not going to be this guy. He’s first in line at the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. Five days in advance. Congratulations sir… you’re either (a) totally crazy to want the iPhone that badly, and/or (b) have a very strange concept of time invested to profit ratio for your plan to get wealthy by selling that sucker on eBay at 6:01 PM on Friday night… Try those real-estate tapes by that Rich Dad-Poor Dad author or the “tiny classified ads” guy instead.

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