iPhone: The wait ends… and begins

Just how bad do you want to have the iPhone on you when you go out tonight? Here’s a big hint… do NOT go to an Apple Store. Seems that people are lining up like crazy at malls all around the country to get the iPhone. However, if you’ve got an AT&T store nearby, there might not even be a soul in line yet. I just got off the phone with a store within a couple of blocks of my office and they have nobody there yet. Apparently the hoardes are likely to arrive around noon.

Kinda makes this guy seem a little… um, over the top?

We’re going out tonight with some friends around 8 to celebrate my girlfriend’s birthday tomorrow… if all goes well, I’ll be the geeklosermindless automatontoast of the party.

I may look back on all of this and mock myself… in fact, I should probably start the process early. I’ll have plenty of time in line to do so this afternoon…

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