Shocking news: iPod + thunderstorm = bad

The New England Journal of Medicine published a report this week from three Vancouver, BC doctors concluding that being struck by lightning with an iPod on is extra bad because the current travels through the wires and into your ears. Read the medicial mumbojumbo here.

Here’s my thought… if you’re struck by lightning, the more immediate problem is that you’ve been struck by friggin’ lightning. I’m guessing the 3rd degree burns are going to happen no matter what, right? Word to the wise… if you’re the tallest thing in an area hit by a big thunderstorm, stop being the tallest thing in the area. USA Today has this tip… and I publish it here because it seems utterly implausible to help, and is therefore very funny:

If you begin to feel your hair stand on end, this indicates lightning is about to strike. You should drop to your knees and bend forward placing your hands on your knees and crouch down. Do not lie flat on the ground, this will only make you a larger target.

I’m wondering if Microsoft will take advantage of all of this and make the Zune out of totally nonconductive material. Hmm. Someone get Redmond on the phone!

Photo credit: gurneyh on Flickr

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