I go away for one week and look what happens

A quick hit from Costa Rica… Just heard about the new iPods and the
(gulp!) massive price drop on the iPhone. Kudos to Apple for pushing a
rebate to us early adopters though.

From a podcasting perspective, I’m most intrigued by iTunes wifi
music store… I’ve ranted about the possibility of wireless downloads
of podcasts for months, and this brings us a step closer. From what I
can tell, however, the wifi store does not include podcasts… Maybe a
future add, perhaps? Regardless, I think these new products and
services are good additions to the tech marketplace. And, since I
apparently have a $100 rebate available from my iPhone purchase, I
suspect apple will get more of my money. It’s an illness, really.

Back in the States tomorrow… Regular blogging resumes Monday. I
missed you too.

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