Blog World: Leo Laporte keynote

This is what Leo twittered before he came on stage for the keynote this morning. I have to say, he was not terribly informative, and it might have to do with that lack of prep. I suppose I appreciate the honesty! I like what he’s done in the world of tech… his radio show and podcast help a lot of people out, and there’s no question Leo has advanced podcasting in ways few have. But this keynote was nowhere near as informative as yesterday’s sessions. Oh well, can’t win them all.

One interesting piece from the keynote… podcasting is leveling off in some ways, but it’s opening up some other avenues through featuring content in webpages and newsletters. I think that’s right on… if you rely on iTunes as your only outlet for your content, then you’re seriously missing an opportunity. Think bigger and get that content out there in as many ways as you can.

Two more sessions and maybe a keynote with Mark Cuban to go…

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