Wizzard Media: Over 1 billion served

Amazing news today regarding podcasting… Wizzard Media, owner of LibSyn and other hosting platforms announced it served over 1 billion podcasts in 2007. This is (I believe) certified via their partnership with Nielson announced last September, so the numbers aren’t inflated – an allegation that has dogged PodShow in the past year, rightly or wrongly. (“Perhaps it too topped a billion but was concerned that no one would believe them,” writes Marshall Kirkpatrick at ReadWriteWeb.)

Rob Walch, Wizzard VP of podcaster relations had this to say to Podcasting News:

There is a lot of misguided talk about podcasting being dead. We just are not seeing it. We continue to see growth in the numbers each month. To us, at least, podcasting keeps growing.
* * *
We hope that 2008 will be the year that advertisers stop thinking of podcasting as an experiment, and start thinking of it as a necessity for every campaign.

Good news all around!

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