Feedburner ain’t infallible

I just spent the morning cursing Feedburner.

While working on a client’s premium podcast, the service that has always been a really nice way of creating a welcome interface for users (play now buttons, choice of subscribe options, etc.) totally rebuffed any attempt to make episode #1 be recognized in an mp3 enclosure. That’s fancy talk for “it didn’t work, and iTunes wouldn’t see a podcast.” I still can’t figure out if it was a Blogger problem or not, but it was officially not working… despite all the elements being there.

So, it was back to the olden days of podcasting… yep all the way back to 2004. I had to code my own source RSS feed and plug that into Feedburner. Lo and behold it worked. I wonder what people who weren’t mucking with hand rolled RSS feeds do when presented with this issue? I suspect they throw their hands in the air and give up… that’s a shame, and it shows how we have a ways to go in the industry to truly make it simple when a Blogger-Feedburner handshake won’t work on the first, second or even third try…

BTW, if you’re in the same boat I was this morning, check out the podcast feed generator. It’ll get your feed parsed out for episode one. Beyond that you have to write your own code in addition to what it spits out. Still, a handy resource in a pinch.

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