The latest on LibSyn stats problems

I’ve long been a proponent of LibSyn as a host for podcast files, and I’ve generally been happy recommending them to clients. One of these days, they just might get stats right. Here’s their latest on the latest in the years-long battle they’ve been fighting against the lack of scalability of their original system:

We have repaired this mishap as best we can and are moving forward with the work on the next generation stats system which will handle these types of issues in a much better manner. I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.

This next-gen system apparently will fix the stats issue from the ground up… here’s hoping it will succeed (I’m a fan of the LibSyn folks and hope for continued success). One solution in the near term is to store files on LibSyn, but run your RSS feed through Feedburner. Use the Feedburner feed as the one listeners and viewers use to subscribe to your show. Of course, Feedburner isn’t immune from issues, but from a stats standpoint, it seems to be a lot more stable than the built in Libsyn option for now.

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