guest waivers

One of the informative sections in the Podcasting Legal Guide has to do with consent to have one’s voice recorded for a podcast. Colette Vogele, the attorney who wrote the guide, is now working on a collaborative effort to set up a site with some boilerplate waiver language. The site has placeholder information for now:

We are working on a number of informational offerings to the podcasting community and rest assured we’ll do our best to keep you up to speed. Right now our focus is on getting a basic podcast guest waiver (created by Colette) up on the site.

I don’t think podcasters should view this as a magic talisman to ward off potential legal issues… it’s the danger of relying solely on legal forms… I do believe this will prove to be a valuable resource. If it launches, as promised, into a registration service where the guest can click their assent online, all the better. Very cool.

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