the 4th screen

The internets are all atwitter about tomorrow’s big MacWorld keynote from Steve “boom!” Jobs. The worst kept secret in Cupertino is the announcement of an Apple branded cellular phone. What intrigues me from a podcasting perspective is that this little device… the MacPhone… the iMobile… the iBoom!… whatever… will likely allow one to download content straight out of the air. If one of the rumors is correct, the phone will be as much a mini computer running some version of Mac OS X on it with iTunes. Podcasters suddenly have another option to get their shows out there… consider the roadtripper who is tired of his playlists and wouldn’t dare hit up talk radio unless on a dare. At the next rest stop, our intrepid traveler surfs his phone for a podcast or two for the next 150 miles. No wires… no desktops… simply put, the future.


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