iPhone… seriously, some day I may stop posting about it

I’m out in the country enjoying a semi-vacation, but I can’t help to post… again… about the latest iPhone news. Glass surface and an 8 hour talk-time battery!

Um, yeah… news, sort of. The real question I pose to myself (apparently publicly now) is whether I’m going to be one of the sad suckers camping out to get one of these beauties. After a very nice gift from the girl, I now I have Apple gift cards aplenty to cover the cost. But a first generation electronic device? Isn’t there some rule that only suckers buy those, considering the price comes down and the quality goes way up a mere few months later?

This is my disease. Apple knows it… so does Nike, I think. In any event, assuming I have the iPhone next Friday, you better believe I’ll be blogging about it…


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