It’s home… just not working yet

Oh, I wish activation would be instantaneous, but apparently not. I’m still waiting on the email from AT&T that will unlock this little beauty, but here it is… the iPhone.

Check out some line images… that’s John Aravosis from AmericaBlog I was next to… an excellent linemate!

I have to say, AT&T has so far been pretty miserable to work with. The folks in the store meant well… I think… but they never bothered to explain that the receipt I got included a pretty important number for activation in iTunes. I figured it out… but it might have been nice to be given the heads up? Also, I’m not diggin’ the wait for activation… the iPhone is a fancy paperweight until it goes through, and I want to get syncing! Physically, this thing is gorgeous. The few things it allows me to do pre-activation tells of good things to come… we shall see.

Interesting sidenote… a Capitol Hill line sitter (we have pros here) traded her #11 spot to a wealthy-looking gentleman who rolled in around 5:00ish. Must have been nice not to wait for 5 hours…

UPDATE: I’m activated and syncing… first videos on the iPhone will be episodes 4-7 of Arrested Development, Season 3. Sadly, they’ll be watched at the emergency vet while they take a look at my girlfriend’s mysteriously ill cat…

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