The iPhone’s awesome… only real complaints are (a) the camera’s a bit lame, and (b) the calendar doesn’t have multiple calendar support (everything gets merged together from iCal) and no tasks. Methinks Apple will solve the latter. As far as the former… well, my Treo camera wasn’t exactly killer, so it’s no loss. Everything else pretty much blows me away… the screen is ridiculously bright and sharp… the wifi hookups are seamless… it’s pretty amazing.

Podcast listening is awesome… I was listening to Meet The Press while watering the garden and took a phone call from my girlfriend. The audio ducked out for the ring… I took the call, and as soon as I was done, the audio ducked back in right where I left off. I may never take these earbuds off again…

There’s been a lot online about troubles activating the iPhone. Frankly, I suspect that was more because we all rushed home about the same time and flooded AT&T’s activation system. Sounds like new numbers registered and activated pretty quickly… number transfers like mine went a bit slower… and you whacky types that shifted from business plans to person and family plans were fools to begin with to think it would be a pain-free transition. (With all due respect… this is AT&T we’re talking about.)

That all being said… I think we’re tiring of the hype. None of us had to stand in line, it turned out, and iPhatigue has set in. Maybe enough is enough. I’m gonna go watch Season 3 of Arrested Development now… I won’t tell you how.

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