Alright… ONE more iPhone post

Fake Steve Jobs brings you this… the Amish are buying the iPhone. I recently watched an interesting documentary called The Devil’s Playground, so I know the Amish use cell phones now (but not cars… as much as I learned about the Amish, I’m confused on that point). In any event… the iPhone is definitely a crossover product, if it wasn’t before.

Of course this begs the question… is this guy a Mac or PC user? Hmmm.

UPDATE: It occurs to me, based on my lessons from The Devil’s Playground, that this is not an Amish couple. Once a man gets married in Amish culture, he grows a beard. I suppose this guy’s potentially not married, but I’m thinking they may be rockin’ Amish-like attire, but they, in fact, may not be Amish. That’s the LAST time I rely on Fake Steve Jobs on Amish culture…

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