iPhone unlockers now proud owners of bricks

Don’t say Apple didn’t warn ya. On Monday, they said the new iPhone update would disable unlocked iPhones, and lo and behold, iPhone Update 1.1.1 did just that. Looks like some methods to install third party apps suffered the same fate… I’m sure the Internets will be abuzz tomorrow with the full details. Meanwhile, the update apparently fixed some bugs for the rest of the iPhone owners that paid attention to Apple’s threats.

Also, the update included the brand new WiFi iTunes Music Store… and, after all has been said, podcasts aren’t included. Something tells me some enterprising hacker is working on an app to make this all happen. I hear rumors of betas flying about…

UPDATE: Ouch. Looks like some people who tried to un-unlock their phones for the update still bricked em. Again… ouch.

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