Everything goes kaplooey

Even the lauded AppTap installer for third party applications on the iPhone has reportedly been disabled. When the price drop was announced Rob at Today in iPhone went on a rant of gargantuan proportions… given his love for AppTap, I’m thinking he’s going to need some lozenges for the next post-show recovery unless the AppTap folks can counter this update.

This, by the way, is the game that will play out for a while… Apple will disable, outsiders will re-hack. Then, Apple will disable… etc., etc.

Have a great weekend!


  1. podcast411 says:

    I will try to be more constrained this time.

    But I for one will not be updating to 1.1.1 until the guys at NullRiver get App Tapp working for the new upgrade.

    The added features I get with the 40+ Applications I have installed far trump what Apple is offering with 1.1.1

    Rob W
    Host – Today in iPhone

  2. Tim Mooney says:

    Don’t blame ya… I came this close to installing them, but decided to wait til after 1.1.1. I figure NullRiver will figure out the update, and the dance will begin anew…

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