Podcasting predictions

The head of Wizzard Media projects significant growth, matching the marketing report from a few days ago:

Well, I’d like to predict that the rest of industry getting better at reporting.

I’d have to guess that, oh, if i had a crystal ball to forecast Wizzard’s statistics, my educated guess is 1.5 – 1.8 billion downloads, and double to four times the ad spending of the past year.

More listeners… more revenue. This medium is growing, despite the doom and gloom predictions (sort of) back at the New Media Expo. Now, do I think tech podcasts are growing? No… those were the realm of the early adopters, and I think (maybe… perhaps) that they’ve maxed out on listeners. Not as good for Leo Laporte, but plenty good for the yoga podcasts, the political podcasts, and everthing else in between.

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