Podshow layoffs?

Valleywag is reporting that Podshow’s venture capital is apparently not enough to save about 30% of their workforce. Take this one with a few grains of salt… a lot of their reporting (particularly on Yahoo) is way off or overstated. If true, however, this strikes me as a serious indictment of Podshow’s growth strategy.


  1. Tim Mooney says:

    That’s right… I do recall Keith predicting something like that several months ago. I’ve always wondered where Keith and Chemda get their info on Podshow… The 12000 downloads, etc.

    But then again, I’d also love to know the terms of that Fox/Simpsons settlement, but I’m thinking that’s never going to happen!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ah, Tim Mooney. He gets to comment on you but won’t let you comment back. Good moderating, Tim.

  3. Tim Mooney says:

    Nope. Just a spam blocking technique… feel free to post and agree or disagree. I just hate Viagra ads on my blog.

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