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Wrapping up Blog World

Day two was significantly quieter… I suspect Vegas claimed a few victims overnight! Going to one more session on social networking proved to be one too many as the info wasn’t as helpful as yesterday’s sessions. I just finished a session on mic technique by the rep from Shure – the crowd was pretty sparse, which was a shame because he put together a nice (if a bit techie) piece. Shure mics are outstanding for the more advanced podcasters out there (their price points tend to be higher than I’d recommend for newbies).

I got to meet Rob Walch at the Wizzard Media booth, and we had a nice chat about all things podcasting and – of course – the iPhone. Rob’s an important voice in podcasting (Podcast 411 is a place I tell all people to check out). I also got a chance to see Justine from iJustine wandering about. She was the one with the massive iPhone bill video that got a kajillion views this summer on YouTube.

All in all, a great show. I think I’m going to skip out on the Mark Cuban keynote… if he was going to talk about whether he was going to buy a hockey team, I’d probably go, but for now… I’m ready to grab some coffee and wait up for my red eye back to DC. I’ve got a lot of work to do based on some of the great info and networking here!

Blog World: Leo Laporte keynote

This is what Leo twittered before he came on stage for the keynote this morning. I have to say, he was not terribly informative, and it might have to do with that lack of prep. I suppose I appreciate the honesty! I like what he’s done in the world of tech… his radio show and podcast help a lot of people out, and there’s no question Leo has advanced podcasting in ways few have. But this keynote was nowhere near as informative as yesterday’s sessions. Oh well, can’t win them all.

One interesting piece from the keynote… podcasting is leveling off in some ways, but it’s opening up some other avenues through featuring content in webpages and newsletters. I think that’s right on… if you rely on iTunes as your only outlet for your content, then you’re seriously missing an opportunity. Think bigger and get that content out there in as many ways as you can.

Two more sessions and maybe a keynote with Mark Cuban to go…

Blog World Day 2

I’m off to hear Leo Laporte at the morning keynote (easst coast jet lag allows me to rise at an earlier hour than normal. Did you know the sun is up at 6:30? Who knew?). Looking forward to some good information at the sessions as well. I had a lot to digest last night… I suspect I’ll be spending a fair amount of time putting together some new suggestions for clients in the podcasting and social media spheres after this show. You might even see some new additions to Nineball Media’s offerings…

AOL shrinking at a rapid pace

Once mighty AOL has lost 1/3 of its paying clientèle… in a year. Ouch. In some ways I’m not surprised… how many people do you know who still use AOL? When it first came out, AOL dominated the online access market with its ubiquitous free floppy disks and later CDs coming at you from every angle.

But then, people grew seemingly more interested in the broader array of content offered through the Internet, and AOL seemed like a sad middleman for the last 7 years or so. It will be interesting to see if its advertising model works…

Montreal in November

Greetings from Montreal. Memo to those traveling to this beautiful city on business or pleasure… it’s friggin cold. Much colder than Portland or DC. I suspect Vegas next week will be warmer for us at Nineball Media.

Back to Montreal… it’s very wired. Lots of wifi access points, and perhaps more than one would expect. Coming from DC which feels less wired than it should be, it’s a nice change.

Lots of new news on Leopard (Mac OS 10.5), but I promised a little less Apple on the blog, so I’ll let you Mac types find the info from the other usual suspects out there. Have a great weekend!

I love the Internets

So, I’ve been suffering all day doing audio editing with an Apple Mighty Mouse that suddenly decided not to scroll down. Frustration mounted until, in a pique of anger, I googled “mighty mouse wont scroll” (I couldn’t be bothered to use actual punctuation). The result? This blog post… which solved everything… all I had to do was press real hard. Who knew!?

It’s times like this that I love the Internets.


As you may have notice from the dearth of posts, it’s been a bit of a crazy week here at Nineball Media. I’m currently working on a major recording project that I hope to finish up by the end of the week, plus I’m off to Boston today to do some work with one of Nineball’s newer clients, Boston University. Thankfully, the news on new media and tech has been pretty slow lately (comparatively), unless you want to read more stories about iPhones bricking, or AOL’s massive layoffs (coming Friday, allegedly).

Anyone in the DC area interested in supporting a good cause… I’m on the board of the Tranquil Space Foundation, and we’re holding our first gala tomorrow night. Come on down and support a great cause… details at