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As you may have notice from the dearth of posts, it’s been a bit of a crazy week here at Nineball Media. I’m currently working on a major recording project that I hope to finish up by the end of the week, plus I’m off to Boston today to do some work with one of Nineball’s newer clients, Boston University. Thankfully, the news on new media and tech has been pretty slow lately (comparatively), unless you want to read more stories about iPhones bricking, or AOL’s massive layoffs (coming Friday, allegedly).

Anyone in the DC area interested in supporting a good cause… I’m on the board of the Tranquil Space Foundation, and we’re holding our first gala tomorrow night. Come on down and support a great cause… details at

Friday fact: where surfing’s not so hot

Reporters sans frontières has out out this amazing map showing the places where the Internet is pretty much dark as far as the free flow of news is concerned. I’m happy to say I’m not going to one of the countries devoid of light on the map tomorrow… I just might not be able to access the ‘net all that frequently! Have a great Labor Day weekend for my US readers… and a great week if I don’t get to find much to say from Costa Rica!

Thanks to Valleywag for the original source…

Emergency response to a wet iPhone

Podshow/Daily Source Code’s Adam Curry dropped his iPhone in a place you flat out don’t want to drop an iPhone. Pre-flush. He’s now apparently resorting to a kitty litter moisture absorption rescue mission (see left).

Word to the wise out there… if you drop your precious iPod, phone, PSP, etc. in the drink (or toilet), get it out… turn it off… remove the battery (if you can). Let it dry out completely. You have a shot at getting it back. Last March a buddy of mine pushed me in the pool at a resort in Tobago… pretty funny, except for the nice digital camera in my pocket! A couple of days drying out in the tropical breezes, and my camera was up and running again.

Which reminds me… I’m going to Costa Rica for a week starting on Saturday, which means it’s entirely possible the blog will be dark from September 1st to the 9th. Well, not dark I guess… just stuck on whatever wackiness I find on the Internets this Friday.

Conventional Wisdom turned

Not to make this an all Apple blog, but I read a terrific piece today on Mac applications for business. As most of you have figured out by now, I run Nineball Media largely on Apple computers… although I certainly use Windows when clients need it, and I’m by no means anti-Windows. It’s been a truism for many years that Windows is better for business and Macs are better on the creative side… I think that conventional wisdom is starting to shift a bit, and many of the applications listed in this post help me tremendously.

iPhone review

There have been a ton of iPhone reviews, but none as balanced and as well-written as this one at Information Week. I’d recommend it for anyone considering the big leap.

I’m off to Nineball Portland today… should be a good week of work mixed with a little fun (a little birdie tells me the Oregon Brewfest begins this week…)

Kapow… another revised look

I’m finding that upgrading the look and usability of the Nineball Media website has addictive properties. However, after this rev, I’m thinking we might have a little more stability. You’ll notice that the blog and the rest of the site finally has total synergy. Better yet, the rest of the site has additional content and description of services. Since the bulk of Nineball Media’s work revolves around audio, it was high time we got some of that integrated into the site!

Site refurb

Made a few changes to the site this afternoon… mostly cosmetic behind the scenes coding stuff, so I won’t bore you with the details. Check out the new contact page… we’re bicoastal now!