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Tweeting for multiple accounts? Do yourself a favor…

tweetThis morning, we heard yet another example of a person making a stupid, unthinking comment on a major brand’s Twitter feed that was clearly intended for their own. Without knowing specifically what happened, odds are this person was using an app that allows one to be signed into multiple Twitter accounts for ease of use. So, the ugly comment meant for a personal feed goes onto the major brand feed… and you cannot unring that bell.

So, do you tweet for your brand, company or organization? Do you also say things in your personal feed that would look silly, stupid, or embarassing for that brand, company or organization? Do yourself a favor and split the accounts up between different Twitter apps. It’s a firewall of protection to ensure your hopefully-far-less-problematic-than-this-person’s comment won’t end up costing you your job or your brand.

Or maybe just don’t post stupid things?