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A holiday treat from Paul Anka

Paul Anka does Smells Like Teen Spirit. No, seriously. It’s like my worst nightmares came true, but it’s… oddly compelling. Plus, dad might get into grunge now…

Merry Chirstmas to everyone… we’ll be a little quieter around here for a few days!

RIP Evel Knievel

Evel Knievel died last night… he was one of the few childhood idols I had… looking back, it was probably more because he was a cool daredevil and I was 5, but nonetheless I remember my early career ambitions included “motorcycle jumping” largely because of him. Oh, that and the extremely cool crank powered car that purposely broke into a kajillion pieces when it hit a wall (lower left).

In any event… Evel was a maverick in the best sense of the word, and I’d like to think I’ve lived up to the aspirations of my toddler self in some way. But there’s no way I’m trying that Snake Canyon thing… even Evel couldn’t make that.

Back to the future

I'm back where it all started. The very first podcast I ever produced was for my former employer, Alliance for Justice… Today, I'm returning to kick off the new version of a revamped podcast for their judicial program. It's fun to be back as a part of Nineball Media. Funny how you actually CAN go back "home" sometimes!

Wifi iTunes Store and PME

I just had an interesting experience with the iPhone… One of my clients sells CDs through iTunes, so I plugged her name into the wifi store search on the phone. Within 2 seconds her entire library (minus podcasts alas) popped up, complete with samples. Very cool… If you've got an iPhone or an iPod touch, give it a whirl!

I'm hearing some interesting things fromthis year's PME (the podcast expo)… I'll read up some more and post thoughts later this week…